-The exhibition SCIENCE/FICTION opens October 26th at ACRE Projects (Chicago). New works by Reuven Israel, Kimberly Kim, Noa Dolberg, and Ryan Thompson. Curated by Ruslana Lichtzier. Event link.

-I have a tear-out bookmark in the latest issue of Cabinet Magazine. 'The Size of' features a list of objects used by scientists and journalists to describe the apparent sizes of various meteors and meteorites.

-Bad Luck, Hot Rocks (the book) is forthcoming from The Ice Plant (Fall 2014)!

-My work was included in Culturehall's 'New Artists Feature' for Spring 2014.

-Solo exhibition of new work at Lease Agreement in Baltimore, May 31-June 22, 2014. Opens Saturday, May 31 6-9pm. Event link.

-The Meteorwrongs print edition is now available in the UK through super/collider.

-An article about 'Bad Luck, Hot Rocks' appears in the Spring 2014 issue of National Parks Magazine. A web version of the article can be found here.

-The exhibition 'Catching a Glimpse' at Mila Kunstgalerie (Berlin) features 'three weeks, three artists, three screenings'. Akane Kimbara, Scott Nedrelow, and Ryan Thompson (April 1-19, 2014).

-Inside the Artist's Kitchen, Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap, Jovencio de la Paz, Ryan Thompson, Sarah Weber and Alexandria Eregbu representing The Franklin at MULTIPLES. Saturday, 15 March, 12-8pm & Sunday, 16 March, 2014, 12-6pm.

-A few images of my work appear in the journal Format P 'Earth Works!'. The issue marks the first translations of Robert Smithson's writing into Polish, and includes work and texts by Joachim Koester, CLUI, Jeremy Deller, Ilana Halperin, and others.

- is a new site for the ongoing book project of the same name.

-Dark Flight at Calvin College's (106) Gallery (Grand Rapids, MI) opens October 18 with a reception from 7-9pm. I'll be participating in a conversation with other alumni artists before the opening at 1:30pm at the Center Art Gallery. Event link.

-Burden of Proof at North Park University's Carlson Tower Gallery opens September 12 with a reception from 5-8pm. Facebook event link.

-I'll be an ACRE resident in August!

-Out now! I have an essay and a photo about micrometeorites in Making the Geologic Now, edited by Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse. Published by Punctum Books, it's available in three generous formats: free PDF, interactive e-book, and hard copy. All three are available here. Thanks to Jon Larsen whose photo also appears in the essay.

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