Product (RE)

(RE) is an alternative (RED) campaign that questions corporate responsibility, raises money for HIV/AIDS organizations and provides a means of involvement for those unwilling or unable to buy (Product) Red products. The project consists of three initiatives: INSPI(RE)D, COVE(RE)D, and (RE)SALE. Each initiative suggests an alternative method of engagement and critique of the original (Product RED) cause marketing campaign. (RE) was initially conceived of as a website (formerly, but has also been exhibited at Alogon Gallery, Chicago, IL; Gallery (106), Grand Rapids, MI; Tent Show, Pittsburgh, PA; Red House Art Center, Syracuse, NY; and Eyebeam, New York, NY.

Produced in collaboration with Phil Orr.

selection of INSPI(RE)D shirts

INSPI(RE)D shirts worn by a group at an AIDS awareness walk in NYC

selection of COVE(RE)D objects, as photographed by participants at (106) Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

(RE)SALE platform with a collection of donated objects, ready for auction at Alogon Gallery, Chicago.

quarter fold flyer (front & back) for Product (RE)

screenshots of prior to legal threats from